Happy Tails K9 Training and Agility Center

Our Tails are a waggin' because we are behavin' Where classes are a learning and enjoyable teaching experience for you and your dog!

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Happy Tails K9 Training Center

Our Tails are a waggin' because we are behavin'

Dog Park Rules

Dog Park Open: Late Spring, All Summer, Early Fall


• Please keep your dog on a leash when entering and leaving the dog play park

• Inside Dog Park, please always keep your leash with you

All Dogs MUST have a valid dog license and current rabies shot

(Owners without proof of either of the above documents will be asked to leave the Dog Park).

Dogs MUST NOT: be in heat, sick, have parasites, or younger than 4 months old

(puppies under 4 months old can only play with special permission from Dog Park owners, Gale and Mark Waas)

NO FOOD is allowed inside: including dog food and treats

• You Must remain in the dog park with your dog.

• Dogs MUST be under your voice command at all times.

• If your dog becomes aggressive, unruly, or is playing too rough, please leash your dog and exit immediately.

• Always CLEAN-UP after you dog. A Waste-Disposal-Station is available for your convenience and should always be used.

• Please be sure to close the entrance gate upon entering and leaving the dog park.

• Please supervise your children! Always ask before allowing dogs on Agility equipment. Also, Only Dogs are allowed on the equipment. This is a dog play area, not a children's.

• Because young children are very susceptible to dog bites, we strongly recommend that children under the age of 10 years of age DO NOT Enter the Dog Park.


Cost: $20.00 for a 45 minute play session

(prices subject to change without notice)

Small dog play: [Monday through Friday: 10am to 11am]

Mid-size dog play: [Monday through Friday: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm]

Large dog play: [Monday through Friday: 4pm, 6pm, 7pm]

ALL dog play: [Saturday ~ by appointment]


Maximum of 6 dogs allowed per play times!

Gale Waas - Head Trainer

Phone: 315-592-5447

Happy Tails K9 Training and Agility Center

1500 County Route 8

Fulton, New York, 13069